The first part of my chemistry final is tomorrow.

The good news is that we are all allowed ONE piece of A4 paper (front and back) in which we can write anything we want to use during the final. The bad news is, filling it out. Actually, it’s kind of amazing how many things you can fit on to that one piece of paper. You tend to write extremely small and once you reach the last spaces, you become quite satisfied at your work. You tend to stare at it, while checking it over once again to see if you need anything else. One single line at the bottom of the paper, try fitting just one more problem you might need. One small little hole in the middle of your paper, try squezing in one more organic compound. In a way, I think I actually enjoy filling the blank sheet of paper and admiring my work. It makes me feel more relaxed too. Its tomorrow and yes, I did mostly procrastinate so I have about two whole pages and minus a square to fill in everything I learned and know about chemistry. I’ll be staying up late tonight just trying to fill in every single space. yay. (:

a chocolate chip cookie

A chocolate chip is baked goodness. The warm soft or crunchy cookies are deeeelicious. The warm moisture filled with the best ingredients just adding the extra “it” to your day. But believe it or not, it can be related to school. (: The first day is like the first ingredient to making the great cookie. The basic elements. As the days go by we bring in more ingredients to our own cookie and it just gets bigger and bigger. Although there might be days that are long and tiring there are also going to be days that are filled with excitement. Another very part of a cookie: the memories. Along into the first semester the cookie gets filled with sweetness and thus the reason for the semisweet chocolate chips. As the semester ends, the cookie gets reading to be put into the oven. The last semester includes even more bubbly memories and the finishing ingredients to make the cookie even more DELICIOUS. (: By the end of the year, more chips get added to the cookie to add the extra semisweet flavor and the memories of our year truly become SEMISWEET. As it gets put into the oven, and as we see it rise, we (the makers and the achievers of the cookie filled with goodness) find out our progression and the cookie becomes even puffier and the more golden brown it gets. By the time it gets ready to come out of the oven, things come to a conclusion (end of the school year) and we are finally able to enjoy the delicious flavor (summer vacation (: )). However, we start to make another chocolate chip cookie while preparing for a new school year and getting ready to fill it with new ingredients and making it EVEN BETTER!

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yum. smoothies are great. (:

Summer and smoothies a great combination and I love them both. Starting from the sound of grinding ice to the scent of the fresh fruity mixture everything about the smoothie is absolutely delicious. Having the warm summer breeze pass by you on a clear sunny day while drinking a cool smoothie, all light and frothy is just fantastical. Once again, I love smoothies.

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My AP exam is DONE. It was an interesting experience (: I think I did pretty well but I guess i’ll just have to check the score in July. So many things have gone by and there was the usual cramming at the end of the year. Final projects, quizes, tests, essays, and last chances to raise grades. These last few weeks seemed to be a looong roll of events. But now, thinking back to my first few weeks or months and things went by preettyy fast. Sophomore year was great and in a way, i’m excited for junior year but i’m still keeping in mind that it is going to be paaiinffuuulll. joy. Anyways, there’s still so many things to finish before the year finally ends. & although yearbooks are out and we still plan out things for summer, there’s one more road block to go before we finally conclude our year. FINALS! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

ohhh myyy

Guess what?

My AP test got delayed. oh yay.

For the four day vacation, I knew I had the AP test coming up. On tuesday, I knew it was the next day. Wednesday. I even woke up in the morning thinking about my test. I went through the very quick “review” session in Chinese class and thought about the test all the way to 12 o’clock. I planned my week and knew that I would feel free by the end of the day. After finally entering the mini auditorium, I sat down in the seat and went through the whooollleee precedure of registering for the exam. I did everything, name, ap number, phone number, birthday, addresses, zip code, stickers, test runs and more. It took about 30 mins. and after finally finishing a notice came up saying that it was the sample test runs test and that it is different from the exam. I asked the proctor and everyone else said to just go on with the test. I thought it was the real thing. However, while I was on my speaking test run, my other classmates had already figured out that it was the same test that we practiced in Chinese class. The session was paused and we all sat there for a few minutes. After a while, we all started to move around and the serious atmosphere slowly started to fade away. Little did we know that the test would not go on. We all took lollipops from the big bag of Tootsie Pops and waited. The teachers came, the computer guys came but there was no test. The only thing we had was the sample CD. It took us a while to figure that out. (: Then, we knew for real that the test had been DELAYED. We also weren’t able to call the US because it was the middle of the night. What happened and when our test will be remains unresolved. 呵怎么办呢?I still can’t figure out whether this is good or bad news. (:

ooohh myyyyy

I can’t believe it. THE AP TEST WAS DELAYED.

go deep

You know how in English you always tend to go deeper into books and you start to find all these connections, themes, symbols, etc.? Do you ever do that for movies too?

Well, I do. I started to notice that whenever i’m watching a movie I would be watching the screen and thinking about the different elements to it. Then, when I figured out something connected or represented another thing, I would do something like “ooohhh, so the green bag could be a symbol of so and so” or “ooh, I see it, the dress connects with this and that”. Anyways, something like that. In fact, I think I also do this for some animated movies as well. I know. You might be thinking, it’s just a movie, what other things could possibly be in there? While you’re watching, something in your brain just picks it up and you recognize all these other things, but it’s not something that I really think of or control. It just seems to pop up. (: It’s also quite interesting when your brain just goes deep into the movie and you start to think if the filming people actually thought of it beforehand and how much thought could have gone into the plot or scene. In fact, it’s pretty compelling how DEEP it can go and how it can use the same elements as when we’re reading in English.

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its coming

Okay, so remember my blog post about the coming of summer?

I realized that a few days after I wrote it, the weather became cold again. I was not only sad to have felt this change, but also quite annoyed. It was somewhere in the middle of March, but why wasn’t the temperature going up? Wasn’t March supposed to be the beginning of spring?

But, after a few weeks of plain cold weather and low temperatures…


It was quite warm these past few days, and we were able to wear shorts and flip flops. In a few days, i’m guessing that we can officially take out our summer clothes. Although it rained today and the temperature dropped a few degrees, i’m sure it’s going to become HOT soon!

Top ten reasons as to why I like summer so much:

1. It’s warm toasty weather, and it just feels tropical sometimes.

2. Smoothies, ice cream, popsicles, and ice shavings!

3. Hawaii (:

4. Summer clothes and flip flops! Light and comfortable. Whereas, in winter, we were all bundled up. Layers over layers, scarves, and puffy jackets…

5. Chilled inside, hot outside. Sometimes makes a good combination.

6. More energy and bounce.

7. Less dry, more humid. No need to worry about skin becoming cracking and becoming dry. Also, there’s less static in hair.

8. More remindings of tropical or islandy places. More outside activities as well.

9. Vacation! (:

10. There’s just so much more you can do in summer, more variety!

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let it goo

High School comes with so much difficulties and it becomes so easy to feel stressed out.

For example, this week, I had such a hard time with picking my classes. I literally thought about it every single day.

On top of everything we have to do, we barely have anytime to relax.

But, I learned that (:

“The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it”

So guys, it’s fine to take a break sometimes, who knows that when we need it the most is when we don’t have time for it?

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its here

Finally, we’re one step closer to summer. SPRING’S HERE! (:

I can feel it now, the weather becoming warm and the slight breeze. No more freezing cold winds that make your hair staticky, no more layers over layers and big coats that just add on to the things you have to carry, no more shivering while walking home or up the hill to school, no more over-heated places that make you feel hot because you’re wearing too many layers, no more hair freezing in the morning because you didn’t have time to dry it, no more numb cold fingers, and no more runny noses, no more feeling stuffy, and no more having to worry about viruses.

Now, it’s clear blue skies, light warm breezes, longer days, and the weather just gets warmer and warmer. Instead of putting on thick socks and squishing them into our converses, we can go barefoot and wear FLIP FLOPS! After a long and cold winter, summer is finally FINALLY near.

But no more winter also means, no more cozy dark days drinking hot chocolate and watching movies at home, no more red bean paste fish shaped bread, no more long or fluffy socks, no more fur-lined hoods, no more crisp air, no more boots, no more heated floors, no more cold breezes that make you feel good after running outside, and no more checking the weather site to see if the weather gets any warmer.

But the coming of summer will have longer days, ice cream, flip flops, warmer days and nights, sunnier days, shorts and t-shirts, dresses and other summer clothes, smoothies, sitting outside to eat, trips to islandy places, lounging at home, fresh watermelons, going into shops that are “cooled” and feeling the warm weather when stepping outside, lush green trees (instead of bare branches), the summery smell, trips, and of course SUMMER VACATION! (: yaaayyy!

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